RPM-Academy offers you a unique virtual learning experience by bringing the world to your classroom.  Our global learning platform offers a live, real-time, instructor-led learning environment ideally suited for professionals wishing to acquire new high-value skills, collaborate, expand their network, and achieve Certification in well-recognized professional designations.



Our “Design Your Own Course” certificate programs offer you the unique opportunity select the learning path that is right for you.  


Step 1:  Choose from the Certificate programs listed below.

Step 2:  Complete the course registration form and choose the elective classes that best meet your needs.

Step 3:  Email your registration form to the RPM registrar’s office at info@rpm-academy.com

Step 4:  Complete the on-line registration process by selecting the “Register” button (below) for your selected Certificate Course.


See the master schedule at the bottom of this page for your class dates.


For Certification in Lean Six Sigma programs, please visit http://www.rpm-academy.com/special-offers-rpm-academy.


This program is ideally suited for process managers who have grown weary of a reactive workplace environment and desire more process stability by adopting and promoting proactive risk management tools and methods.


Number of Sessions:  5 x 2 hour classes (10 hours total)        Class Time:  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern.  See program schedule (below).

PRM‐001: Certificate in Process Risk Management: $295.00 CANADA150: $250.75



A business process analyst is able to gather as well as interpret the “voice of the process” and provide managers with key insight into process behaviour that is vital for critical thinking and decision‐making.


Number of Sessions:  8 x 2 hour classes (16 hours total)        Class Time:  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern.  See program schedule (below).

BPA‐001: Certificate in Business Process Analysis: $395.00 Canada150: $335.75 



This Learning Path offers you the greatest flexibility in course design by providing you with the option to design your own course “from the ground
up”. To receive your Certificate in Process Excellence, you are required to comlete ten (10) courses, of your choosing, from the complete library of
RPM‐Academy’s Quality Management program!


Number of Sessions:  10 x 2 hour classes (20 hours total)        Class Time:  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern.  See program schedule (below).

BPE‐001: Certificate in Process Excellence:  $495.00 CANADA150: $420.75


Attendance:  All classes are recorded and can be accessed on-demand by students.  Students are required to attend at least 80% of the live classroom sessions.


Lean Six Sigma Fall/Winter 2017 Master Schedule