Certification-Effective Process Management

"Having met all professional and technical requirements necessary to attain Certification..."  Certification in Effective Process Management program is specifically designed for managers who have expanded their view on their responsibility for overall process effectiveness and efficiency and are able to leverage “voice of the process” to take their team’s performance to the next level.  Process control... process capability... operational excellence!


Your purchase of Certification includes;

  • Online Certification exam (body of knowledge)
  • LSSMBB review and acceptance of a brief summary/narrative describing your experience and lessons learned
  • Award and issuance of formal Certificate/Certification

Your purchase of Certification DOES NOT include training courses (go to RPM-Academy Online for more information) or software, if applicable.

Certification-Effective Process Management

  • In choosing to be CERTIFIED, you have or will;

    • Complete appropriate training (body of knowledge)
    • Write and pass the online Certification exam (included in this purchase)
    • Demonstrate the application of some of the tools and methods included in your EPM program by providing a brief summary/narrative describing your experience and lessons learned..

    Upon purchase, you will be contacted by the RPM-Academy Program Office to establish your path to Certification.  For more information, please contact us.