Home Studio Recording
Collaborative music sites, including Fandalism™, Soundcloud™, and ReverbNation™ to name a few, further fueled by the proliferation of social media sites like Facebook™, have dramatically changed how today’s music is created and shared.  Talented musicians and songwriters like you, with compelling stories, now have instant access to a global audience that is hungry for new sounds from innovative artists.  This course will teach you how to, from the comfort of your home, record, edit, mix and master professional sounding recordings that will delight your listeners and help to grow your fan base.

Home Studio Recording

  • Your Certification in Home Studio Recording includes; Session 1 – Home Recording Basics: An introduction to recording, studio setup including hardware, software, location and environment, understanding the “recording chain”, pre-production planning and goal setting. Session 2 – Home Recording Theory, And Recording Techniques (Part 1): Microphone choice, placement and polar patterns, phase, gain staging, headphone mix, recording acoustic guitars and recording electric guitars. Session 3 – Home Recording Theory, And Recording Techniques (Part 2): Recording essentials for a various instruments including drums, electric bass, vocals, percussion and keyboards. Session 4 – Editing and Mixing (Part 1): Editing basics including compiling takes, timing, tuning, managing clicks and pops, keeping your session clean, prepping for the mix and setting yourself up for success, mindset, faders and pans, and equalization. Session 5 – Mixing (Part 2): Effective use of compressors, limiters, reverbs, delay, chorus, flange and other time based processing, and automation. Session 6 – Mastering Basics and Release: Understanding mastering, master EQ, master compression, master limiting and releasing your song. Required Textbook: Your course requires that you purchase an approved textbook prior to attending your first class. Please contact RPM-Academy to confirm course materials as they may change depending on publisher availability. Note: eBook pricing typically ranges from $10-$15 CAD. Hard-copy pricing $20 to $25 CAD.
Effective Process Management
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