Lean Six Sigma White Belt
Success in establishing a sustainable Lean quality culture is not only dependent on a committed leadership team, knowledgeable and effective managers.
Of equal, if not more, importance is promoting and inspiring an engaged and supportive front-line team that has learned the fundamentals of Lean Thinking, understands what is required of them and how they can contribute to a continuous improvement strategy.
Certification as a Lean Six Sigma White Belt is a must for all professionals who seek to understand the concepts of Six Sigma and the impact of process variation, Lean principles, tools and methods and play an active role in helping their organization achieve its quality goals.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt

  • Certification in Lean Six Sigma White Belt includes; Introduction to Lean Thinking: The history and five principles of Lean, defining value, the eight wastes, "Flow" and Value Streams and Kaizen rapid improvement. Introduction to Six Sigma: The history of Six Sigma, the DMAIC approach, process variation and Y = f(x), DPMO, the "Hidden Factory" and the Critical to (CT) Tree. Writing Effective Problem Statements: The 5W2H method for writing effective problem statements, use the “Five Why" and defining improvement goals. Efficient and Effective Workplaces: Establishing and supporting 5S/6S standards, improving visual workplace, implementing and sustaining standard work, and participating in team "Huddles".