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RPM-Academy Affiliate Program

Do you have the spirit of an entrepreneur? Are you an influencer with a strong, established network?  If so, then the RPM-Academy Affiliate Program may be right for you!

An RPM-Academy Affiliate can generate a passive, recurring monthly revenue of $1,000 to $10,000 USD or more.

An Exclusive Club – Act Soon!

RPM-Academy will only be engaging ten (10) Global Affiliates this year and we are currently accepting applications.  If you are interested in learning more about this unique program, please complete the form on this page.

IMAGINE… your very own, turnkey, customized, and branded portal complete with a fully-stocked library of 935 online courses and 102 certificate programs that you can share with your subscribers and followers.

NO RISK and NO FEES… you have a complete learning management system to engage your subscribers, share special events, create engaging discussions, and promote your other products and services all the while your followers have access to a complete library of personal and professional development courses and other resources.

While we manage all of the administrative and technical requirements of your portal, you are freed up to what you do best…

  •   Promote your portal and services

  •  Attract monthly subscribers (existing and new followers)

  •  Engage and keep them coming back for more!

What do your followers and subscribers get?... For a value-packed monthly subscription of $23.95 USD, your subscribers will get more of you PLUS unlimited access to courses and certificates that will not only open doors to new career opportunities but also provide them with powerful life skills to help them cope and navigate today’s complex, stressful, fast-paced world.

Recurring Passive Income

Being a successful RPM-Academy Affiliate will drive a recurring passive monthly income depending on the number of active subscribers you have each month.  There are five Affiliate levels starting with Bronze at 30% revenue sharing and reaching 50% for the Diamond Affiliate level.  The following table illustrates the income potential (USD);



Applications are currently being accepted but you will need to act quickly before the Global Affiliate program is “sold out”!

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