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Become a Leader in Continuous Improvement

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For ONLY $23.95/month access the complete library of Lean Six Sigma and Agile courses, tools, and other useful resources.

Complete Lean Six Sigma and Agile certification library up to and including Black Belt and Scrum Master.

BONUS: Your all-access subscription unlocks the library of 935 online courses and 102 certificate programs featuring a broad range of personal and professional development topics.

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Certificate in Lean Six Sigma or Agile programs.

TalentLMS online training

Lean Six Sigma and Agile proficiency are becoming an expectation in the business world and is synonymous operational excellence. Our online training meets the demands of busy professionals with a self-paced, independent, online learning approach.  YOU control the experience and choose the programs that will accelerate your career!


Leverage Lean Six Sigma;

  • to design, develop, and implement better processes in order to deliver breakthrough improvements in any business sector or environment.

  • Help organizations decrease costs, increase revenues, improve quality and customer relationships, and increase market share.

  • Systematically identify and reduce/eliminate waste in core value streams.

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Leverage Agile;

  • As an iterative approach to project management and helps teams to deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer errors.

  • Develop high-performance project teams that are well-versed in Agile principles, methods, tools, and roles.

Our online technology enables RPM-Academy to deliver a high-value learning experience at prices that are the best in the market... at a fraction of the cost what you would be required to pay for similar programs elsewhere while still achieving the highest level of quality and service.

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An Engaging learning format

designed to fit your busy schedule

• Your monthly subscription of $23.95 gives you access to ALL of the courses in our comprehensive Lean and Six Sigma and Agile Certification library. Anytime, Anywhere

• As a continuing subscriber, you have complete control over your learning path to select your courses and set the pace for your progress based on your schedule and learning needs.

• Our approach helps to minimize the impact on your work day and personal schedule, only requiring a modest

investment of your time yielding maximum associated benefits.

The Member Advantage - What You Will Get Access To

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Interactive Discussion Forums: Engage with like-minded professionals and learn via idea collaboration

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Gamification and Rewards: Establish your leadership role and earn reward and recognition points and rank yourself among your peers and view top performers

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Exclusive event tickets, service offerings, and product discounts from our corporate partners

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FREE live webinars featuring industry influencers and experts

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Access to our senior faculty of experienced trainers and consultants: Get answers to your important inquiries

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Front of line access to RPM-Academy special events and valuable monthly newsletters

The Exclusive Material Designed by World Class Experts Is Designed To Deliver You Results…


"RPM-Academy provided a superior learning experience for skills related to my professional development needs, both in content and in progression, to other alternatives investigated. They offered a personalized institutional environment and a project-centered educational program that allowed for the techniques taught to be effectively applied and demonstrated on a real-world problem, rather than simply in abstract. I would highly recommend RPM-Academy to other individuals (or institutions) pursuing the development of Project Management, Lean, Six-Sigma, and/or other professional skills."

Alex, IT Director

Post-Secondary Education

Agile management

• Our program layout allows you to choose which certificate courses you want to complete, in the order that most interests you.


• The courses will provide you with industry knowledge and tools necessary for Lean Six Sigma and Agile certification, and will allow you to exceed expectations and further your professional career.


• Your ability to leverage the expertise and insight of industry savvy, real-world instructors, as well as networking among fellow professionals, will accelerate your career and propel you ahead. 


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