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A Lean or Six Sigma Certificate is becoming an expectation in the business world and is synonymous with effective team players. Our online training meets the demands of busy professionals with a self-paced approach, rather than the complications and costs of on-site providers.  

• Learn how to design, develop, and implement better processes in order to deliver breakthrough improvements in any business sector or environment.


• Help organizations decrease costs, increase revenues, improve quality and customer relationships, and increase market share.


• Most organizations focus only on the operation of their business, seldom stopping to ask themselves, "What went wrong?" Six Sigma directs people to continually evaluate critical processes.

• Lean Six Sigma provides a systematic approach which reduces waste in the value stream. It not only covers defective products, but all types of defective work.





• Lean Six Sigma identifies defects, overproduction, inventories (in process or finished goods), unnecessary processing, unnecessary movement of people, unnecessary transport of goods, waiting, and designing goods and services that don’t meet customer’s needs.

Our Virtual structure allows us to deliver a high-value learning experience at prices that are the best in the market... at a fraction of the cost what you would be required to pay for similar programs elsewhere while still achieving the highest level of quality and service.

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The Member Advantage - What You Will Get Access To

Interactive Discussion Forums: Engage with like-minded professionals and learn via idea collaboration

Gamification and Rewards: Establish your leadership role and earn reward and recognition points and rank yourself among your peers and view top performers

Exclusive event tickets, service offerings, and product discounts from our corporate partners

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“I was delighted to complete this program and achieve my certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. I've learned a lot, and was happy that I could make practical use of what I learned on a project at work as well.  Your team has been fantastic in supporting me and my colleagues throughout the course… I can now say, with confidence, that it was a “six sigma” experience for me.”

The Exclusive Material Designed by World Class Experts Is Designed To Deliver You Results…

• Our program layout allows you to choose which courses you want to complete, in the order that most interests you.


• The courses will provide you with industry knowledge and tools necessary for lean and six sigma certification, and will allow you to exceed expectations and further your professional career.


• Your ability to leverage the expertise and insight of industry savvy, real-world instructors, as well as networking among fellow professionals, will accelerate your career and propel you ahead. 


Example Course Content - A Brief Overview of What You Will Learn

Introduction to Six Sigma

• What is “Six Sigma? 
• The many meanings of sigma 
• DPMO & the “Hidden Factory” 
• Cost of Quality, DPMO and Sigma 
• Voice of the customer, variation and Y = f(x) 
• CT-Tree (“Critical to” flow down) 
• DMAIC Methodology 
• The importance of process control 
• What is “Design for Six Sigma” (DFSS) 


Visual Workplace

• The importance of an efficient & effective workplace 

Lean thinking & the history of Lean
• Forms of (human) communication 
• Visual communication 
• The purpose and benefits of visual workplace 
• Examples of visual workplace incl. “Andon” board 
• Where to start? 

• Attributes of an effective and efficient workplace

Introduction to Lean

• Defining value from the customer's perspective  
• Five key principles of Lean + Eight wastes 
• Introduction to value streams and value stream mapping  
• 5S/6S, visual workplace and standard work 
• Push versus pull systems and the concept of flow 
• The "kaizen" improvement method 
• Hoshin and developing a sustainable CI culture 


Mapping the Process

• What is a process? 
• Attributes of a good process 
• What is a process map? 
• Common symbols used 
• Functional versus swim lane 
• The “hidden factory” 
• Facilitating process mapping with a team 
• Level of detail to capture? 
• The purpose of process mapping 


Kanban and Material Management

• Improving flow 
• Just in time (JIT) 
• Touch once principle 
• Single piece flow 
• Batching 
• Moving from “push” to “pull” 
• Material replenishment 
• Guiding principles 
• Kanban systems 
• Supermarkets 


Assessing Process Capability

• Why process control is a must! 
• Voice of the customer (VOC) 
• Specifications versus “natural tolerances” 
• Accuracy and precision 
• The impact of variation on capability 
• Shift and Drift – Long-term performance 
• Continuous capability studies 
• Discrete capability studies 


Effective Process Management
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