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Navigating towards Lean methods, tools, & principles

You are about to embark on a truly unique experience offered jointly by Advantage Boating, Canada’s leader in boating education and on-the-water adventure, and RPM-Academy, Canada’s leader in Lean Six Sigma training, consulting and certification.

Lines Leaner Waters
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The Leaner Waters program, designed specifically for business professionals, both individuals and teams, combines the thrill and pure joy of sailing with practical, hands on training in Lean principles, methods and tools.


Through a series of on shore and on water workshops and case studies, our highly experienced coaches and instructors will provide you with essential knowledge and experience to not only set sail on the water but also on land when it comes to leveraging the power of Lean to achieve business excellence and transform your organization.

The challenges of leading and inspiring high performance teams is the same, whether on land or on the water and successful team members don’t simply do the same thing at the same time; they do the right thing at the right time while working together towards a common goal.

Advantage Boating and RPM-Academy have been training successful teams and individuals for decades, whether in safe, efficient and effective boating or best-in-class Lean continuous improvement principles, methods and tools.  Now you or your team can experience both at the same time!

The only program of its kind in Canada, “Leaner Waters™” combines the powerful team-building experience of learning to sail with Lean, specifically adapted to the exciting nautical environment.

Lean Coaching staff

You will discover in this action packed program how sailing embodies “Lean Thinking” and team building, the earmark of today’s successful organization.


Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals trained in leadership coaching, workplace training and sailing instruction. Our core focus is building high performance teams and accelerating the development of teamwork competencies.

In addition to an introduction to Lean principles, methods and tools, the benefits of this unique program include;

  • Cultivating excellent communication

  • Improving team work through collaboration and co-operation

  • Better response times in a fast-paced and changing environment

  • Building team confidence, morale and rapport

  • Developing attributes such as respect, independence and interdependence

  • Increased motivation and decreased stress

Lean Six Sigma Sailing

Prior to the Day of Your Class:   Introduction to Lean and Basic Cruising

You will be provided with a one-year all-access subscription to RPM-Academy Online where you will complete two brief on-line courses:  “Introduction to Lean” and “Introduction to Sailing”.  Having completed these pre-course assignments, you will be more than ready for your Leaner Waters class.


The Day of Your Class

AM Session: Participate in a series of integrated boating and Lean training exercises as you prepare for your afternoon boating adventure.


LUNCH:  Enjoy a delicious and healthy meal prepared and served on-site.


PM Session:  Armed with your boating and Lean knowledge and tools, cast off with your crew and skipper and spend a full afternoon of fun on the water as you apply all that you have learned by completing a series of exercises designed specifically for this course by RPM-Academy and Advantage Boating.

Return to the clubhouse to de-brief the lessons learned on the water and to determine how these will be applied back in the workplace.  Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive certificates from Advantage Boating and RPM-Academy: “Introduction to Basic Cruising” and “Lean White Belt”.


Lean Principles, Methods and Tools incorporated into your program: Defining Value, Five Key Principles of Lean, Concept of the Value Stream, Eight Wastes, Pull versus Push Systems, 5S/6S, Visual Workplace, Standard Work, Kanban, Work Leveling, Takt Time, Work Cell Design, Root Cause Analysis & Error-Proofing, and Rapid Changeover.


Customized Events?  We do offer a wide range of corporate services.  Please call us to discuss your needs and allow us to design and deliver a customized training program that meets your goals and objectives in full-day and multi-day sessions.

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