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RPM-Academy’s Business and Professional Development programs offer a wide range of courses including basic accounting, small business accounting, English as a second language (ESL), office administration and basic computing skills, marketing and sales, and more.


Business and Professional Development Certification Programs include;

Effective Telephone Communication – Level 2

Building on proficiencies gained from Effective Telephone Communication – Level 1, this second and final course in this series will teach you how to prepare for different types of professional calls, addressing voice, responses, clear mouth, no interruptions, and driving “Hands-Free”.  Participants will learn how to be effective in outgoing business calls including sales and marketing as well as handling incoming customer service/support calls and effectively managing conflict that may arise during calls.

Effective Telephone Communication – Level 1

Telephones are an essential business and personal communication tool yet we rarely receive formal training on “best practices and protocols” when using this powerful medium.  This course addresses that gap by providing you with practical and proven concepts and methods including when and when NOT to use the telephone for communication, where and when to try first contact (cell phone, work, home, time of day, etc.), the “four steps” to planning and executing a phone call, and three important attitudes that enhance and improve the call experience. 

Effective Meeting Management

Meetings are an integral part of our personal and professional lives.  Meetings not only provide a forum for

communication but enable idea-generation, problem-solving and consensus building.  It is estimated that employees may spend thirty (30) to forty (40) percent of their time preparing for and participating in meetings!  This course introduces key concepts, tools and methods that will enhance the planning, increase the participation and improve the overall outcome of your meetings:  Plan, Participate, Produce Results.


Improved Decision-Making

We make hundreds of decisions a day and thousands of decisions a year… many of decisions having a profound impact on our personal and professional lives, and the lives of our family or colleagues.  Decision-making, however, is a process and great decision-making comes as a result of experience and training.  This course sequences the decision process for use by consumers, business professionals, kids and seniors by introducing you to the five key steps to most decisions, gathering the “right” data appropriate for the decision being made, evaluating options and trade-offs, and assessing overall impact of the decision and associated risks.  Decision are often difficult and this course won’t change that… What this course will do is provide you with concepts, tools and methods to make better decisions. Learn More.

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