RPM-Academy's Life Studies programs are designed with the individual and the family in mind.  We make daily choices in terms of health and fitness, healthy eating, personal finance and budgets, managing conflict, stress and anger, problem-solving, home maintenance, and much more.  RPM-Academy provides you and family with access to a wide range courses that will help you to make better, more informed decisions resulting in improved outcomes and quality of life.  We also include in our Life Styles programs novel and innovative courses supporting a wide range of interests and hobbies.

RPM-Academy Life Styles Certification Programs include;

Internet Safety for Children, Youth and their Families:  It is a new world when it comes to the Internet and the benefits this information “super highway” offers children, youth and families today.  Along with this, we must also recognize and manage the real risks and dangers associated with instant access to our personal information by individuals and organizations who would do our children and families harm, given the chance.  How do we ensure our children, youth and families are protected?  This Certification course is designed specifically for children and youth, (parents are encouraged to attend with them), and explains Internet Safety and how to protect yourself from online predators, cyberbullying and other personal risks.  Your family will also learn how to safely participate in social networks and use mobile devices safely.

Home Studio Recording:  Collaborative music sites, including Fandalism™, Soundcloud™, and ReverbNation™ to name a few, further fueled by the proliferation of social media sites like Facebook™, have dramatically changed how today’s music is created and shared.  Talented musicians and songwriters like you, with compelling stories, now have instant access to a global audience that is hungry for new sounds from innovative artists.  This course will teach you how to, from the comfort of your home, record, edit, mix and master professional sounding recordings that will delight your listeners and help to grow your fan base. Click here for the course brochure or Register Now.

JET SET Starter Program: Imagine how your life could be if travel was inexpensive or free. This crash course will have you jet setting at a fraction of the going rate. You will learn how to get the best fares (and how to beat them). You will discover loopholes to stockpile travel rewards and get around pesky surcharges and fees. You will be introduced to programs that enable you to work, study and volunteer abroad along with ways to fund your travels. You will also learn ways to save time and money through better planning, how to stretch your travel dollar once you’ve arrived, disaster prevention strategies from how to pack your wallet to protecting yourself from scams. 

As part of the program, you also get a copy of Amazon #1 Best Seller Stop Dreaming Start Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More & Spending Less (value $22.95)

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