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Certificate in Cybersecurity

RPM-Academy's Certificate in Cybersecurity includes thirty-nine (39) online courses.  In addition to the investment organizations are making to safeguard data, as a "digital citizen", the responsibility rests with you to protect yourself, your family, and others from the ever-present and continually evolving dangers of the cyber world.


Once registered, you will have up to two months to complete all 39 courses, and investment of 6-7 hours of independent online study. 


Sign up for a free account at and access free courses!

Certificate in Cybersecurity

  • Your program includes;

    • 39 online micro-courses
    • 1 Certificate in Cybersecurity
    • Two month access to RPM-Academy Platinum portal
    • Exclusive RPM Platinum member discounts and offers
    • FREE mobile apps
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