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Certification-Agile PM Product Owner

"Having met all professional and technical requirements necessary to attain Certification..."  Your RPM-Academy Certification in Agile Project Management – Product Owner is a confirmation of your ability to develop and effectively communicate product goals, prioritize Product Backlogs, and contribute to the overall success of Agile Scrum and related Sprints. Your purchase of Certification includes;

·         Online Certification exam (Agile PM body of knowledge)

·         Agile Scrum Product Owner confirmation of experience (review, verification, acceptance)

·         Award and issuance of formal Certificate/Certification

Your purchase of Certification DOES NOT include Agile Scrum training courses (see “Certificate in Agile Project Management”).

Certification-Agile PM Product Owner

  • In choosing to be CERTIFIED, you have or will;

    Upon purchase, you will be contacted by the RPM-Academy Program Office to establish your path to Certification.  For more information, please contact us. 

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